David Sowells


David Sowells is a specialist in lobbying, public affairs, public relations and international strategic communications. He has advised numerous governments, corporations, and NGOs, and has held a series of senior positions in public affairs agencies including President of Bell Pottinger USA and head of Bell Pottinger Public Affairs, then one of the most successful public affairs agencies in Europe advising over 70 clients in London and Brussels. Using his knowledge and experience of the political and media institutions of Westminster, Brussels and Washington DC, Sowells brings a genuine international dimension to his clients.

Sowells served as Public Affairs Director of CNN International London and AOL Time Warner Europe, and was Vice President of the UK Satellite and Cable Broadcasters Group. He started his career as an economic advisor in the UK House of Commons for the Labour Party Treasury Team led by Gordon Brown MP, later Prime Minister. He studied at the London School of Economics and Harvard Business School.