We follow two basic rules of effective communications: understand the people you want to reach, and then treat them with candor, honesty and respect. Then use the most up-to-date means to deliver a message that is true and convincing.

Association Services

We help trade and professional associations advocate their issues, promote their brand and market their activities and membership.

We plan and execute advocacy campaigns with the discipline, focus and hyper-targeting techniques refined by political campaigns, including sophisticated research and refined messaging.

Crisis & Issues Management

Our seasoned executives have both corporate and political experience, offering our clients a diverse skill set for their reputation-management needs in the public and private sector.

We approach reputational challenges analytically and objectively so that the response is appropriate to the threat. Crises can often be predicted, which makes preparation and careful listening critical elements in any challenging situation.

Event & Experiential

Every event is unique, and our event-planning professionals design and manage each one with a focus on its specific objectives and characteristics.

At Qorvis Communications, we believe that creative events are about connecting the dots. From identifying the perfect location to getting the right people in the room, we aim to create unforgettable experiences whether it's a one-time event or part of a larger campaign. Our specialized event team has experience with all types of events, from elite private dinners to large-scale public festivals, handling everything from the planning and design to the successful execution.

Issue Advocacy

There is no off-the-shelf solution for issues advocacy. Our approach is to prepare clients for all contingencies so that together we can identify, reach and influence decision makers with information that puts challenging situations into context and navigates the 24/7 news cycle.

We track policy trends, conduct issues assessments and gain insights by conducting regular influencer polls. Members of our team come from Capitol Hill, regulatory agencies, think tanks, foundations and the media. We have hands-on expertise in assessing complex issues and mounting initiatives that can reframe issues, advance solutions and change minds.

Media training

At Qorvis, we believe that media training is about more than learning how to sit, stand, speak and dress appropriately. It is about being able to think on your feet and being prepared to deliver your message. 

That's why we take a holistic approach to media training. We want you to look and sound good, but we also want you to know how to own an interview so that your message is heard.

Public Diplomacy

International and intercultural communication must be two-way to be effective. By listening to the people we want to reach and understanding their cultural and linguistic context, we can gain a receptive ear for any message.

Qorvis Communications combines public diplomacy know-how with proven international communications and public affairs services. We offer a comprehensive menu of sophisticated products and services to engage, inform or transform the understanding of international audiences.

Research & Polling

Our in-house research firm, Clarus Research Group, is a full-service, “turnkey” global survey research company with a complete range of quantitative and qualitative offerings for corporations, associations, governments and nonprofits. Clarus has a proven track record of surveying consumers, votes, and hard-to-reach elite audiences, on six continents and 32 countries to date.

Each project is custom built for the client to provide real, actionable analysis that can be immediately integrated into all communication and marketing efforts.