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Our in-house polling and research company, Clarus Research Group, gives each client undivided attention and the most insightful analysis available in the industry today. A highly experienced senior professional manages every client project and answers every client question within your timetable and budget. Clarus helps an array of organizations and causes make smart decisions with accurate polling, quality research, practical analysis and useful recommendations. Clarus is a full-service firm that provides insights based on qualitative and quantitative research studies in the business, technology, political, entertainment, education and public policy worlds.

Services offered by Clarus include:

Public Opinion Polls To shape public opinion, you need to understand it. Really understand it. Clarus conducts surveys for a range of clients. We can sample any audience, from registered voters to product purchasers, from small market segments to hard-to-reach population subgroups. Based on solid science and reliable methodologies, our polls use the best data collection techniques and technologies. Our professional care and quality controls produce accurate results you can trust.

Focus Groups And Dial Sessions Break through market clutter and mountains of data. Find the public pulse, locate message hot buttons and identify competitive opportunities. Cost-effective focus groups by Clarus are carefully constructed and analyzed. We search out every possible insight for every client need. We can test the effectiveness of your advertising messages, websites, videos and public campaigns. Our dial sessions gauge moment-to-moment reactions to speeches, presentations and interviews right down to the effectiveness of individual words, phrases and gestures.

Research-Driven Message Development You know what you want to say, but how do you say it? What are the right words and phrases? What language should be avoided? How do you frame the debate, simplify explanations, find the competitive edge and master sensitive issues? Message development is a process and step one is research. Clarus will collaborate with your communications staff, media trainers, public relations and advertising teams to craft and test the most effective messages for every possible situation.

Member Surveys If you want to know what your members, officers and board members think, ask them. But do it the right way with a Clarus survey, an essential management tool for every association executive. Scientific polling can help associations and professional societies find new members and better serve existing ones. They can test messages and policy changes before they’re unveiled. Our in-depth interviewing can tap the opinions and knowledge of board members, staff, volunteer leaders and coalition partners. Clarus President Dr. Ron Faucheux is available to present findings and analysis to your board and membership meetings.

Ballot Proposition Polling And Analysis If you want to pass or defeat a ballot initiative, Clarus can be a vital part of your team. The strategic dynamics of ballot proposition elections bond issues, tax questions, citizen initiatives, constitutional amendments are markedly different from partisan candidate campaigns. Thinking outside the box is essential. And so is the right polling and analysis. Clarus President Dr. Ron Faucheux has a strong background in ballot elections and is highly regarded as a recognized expert who has trained many practitioners.

Market Surveys And Studies Opening a new business? Introducing a product? Looking for customers? Searching for a new edge? Market surveys and research studies by Clarus tackle the job with laser-like precision and provide practical applications to help you make smart decisions. We turn data into opportunities and questions into answers.

Micro-Targeting For Grassroots Programs If you have an issue to advocate and need to mobilize grassroots supporters, Clarus will find the right individuals and groups for your campaign. We use the latest micro-targeting, statistical modeling and survey techniques to identify potential constituencies and citizen activists for a range of advocacy contact programs.

Communication Audits Are you sure your advertising works? Your website delivers? Your media messages break through? Are your materials, seminars and conferences reaching the right audiences? Our media audits, based on surveys and one-on-one interviewing, answer these questions with fresh objectivity and insight. Most organizations businesses, associations, advocacy groups, nonprofits need periodic evaluations of their internal and external communications vehicles. We are ready when you are.

Trend Analysis Clarus can analyze media coverage and a multitude of data sources to find trends that matter to your business or organization. We will help spot competitive opportunities and identify emerging threats before they become problems.

Success Metrics Leaders of businesses, associations and advocacy groups need effective ways to quantify organizational success and measure progress. Surveys by Clarus do that efficiently and cost-effectively. We key on the strengths you need to know about and the weaknesses you need to correct. And we do it confidentially, with technical precision and professional objectivity.

Survey Research For Associations Clarus Research Group specializes in customized research, branding and message development for associations. We understand the complexities and sensitivities of membership organizations, large and small. Our aim is to support and assist association staff and volunteer leaders with powerful research, fresh perspective, and broad experience.

In the art and science of managing successful public-relations, communications and advertising efforts, precise knowledge from experienced, successful polling and analysis takes the mystery out of the who they are and what they want. It give us the data to tell the story that resonates with your targets and gives you the warmth of wisdom for a winning campaign.


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