Media Training

Media training is about more than learning how to sit, stand, speak and dress. It’s about being prepared and able to think on your feet. It is about making sure that your points are the ones people remember.

Thanks to the Internet and social media, everyone is a journalist. This means you must always be ready.

Qorvis will help. Our media specialists have prepared American presidents, world leaders, members of Congress, celebrities, professional athletes, corporate executives,  and Nobel laureates. We take a holistic approach to helping people tell their stories. We want you to look and sound good, but we also want you to know how to confidently deal with those inevitable, unexpected situations whether they arise on TV, chatting with a blogger, testifying before Congress or when ambushed by the media coming out of your door or in the aisle of a store.

During a session at our media-training center, you will develop personal presentation tools that will place you well ahead of competitors and build your skills for communicating messages with maximum impact. Those tools include:

  • Message development
  • Interview rehearsal
  • On-camera test sessions
  • Review appearance best practices
  • Market test rehearsal

The primary goal is to make the most of every opportunity, every time. We work with you on various interview modes, such as friendly questions versus hostile questions, and then move increasingly to specialized niche instruction. We also help you construct and deliver a clear, captivating message and give you and your people the confidence to perform well in all media situations.

We like to think that if you can answer our questions in training, you can answer anyone's questions anywhere.

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