Media Buying

Media buying creates an additional push that skyrockets a message to make it resound more deeply within a consumer, a committee, a community, a cause. By visualizing and then brainstorming the shape and thoughts of the targeting audience, we immerse the message into the proper media purchase opportunities. We seek connections through the campaign that are cost-effective, clever and compelling. We work together to set objectives, then we meet those goals.

Our media-buying plans are crafted to correlate with the overall communications campaign plans and objectives. This integrated approach provides maximum benefit for our clients and ensures that planning and insertion schedules are tied to key goals and target audiences.

Each plan begins with research that identifies the essential platforms and dissemination channels that will most effectively reach our clients' target audiences. Pricing is determined, either through immediate experience from previous relationships with horizontal and vertical media or by conducting research to determine those outlets and channels. Equally key: in today’s digitally integrated world, we also know how to quickly and cost-effectively purchase and place online advertisements. For example, many online advertising services are driven by regional or local factors and keyword criteria. If an online ad does not include appropriate keyword options, it will not deliver. So our path combines purchasing the best media outlets at the best rates with the focused key words to promote the widest pentration for success.

Our research delivers in-depth information including audience reach, demographics and behaviors. This insight couples with our deep understanding of, and relationships with, leading national, regional and online news organizations, to spark sound guidance and recommendations. It means ad dollars are wisely allocated.

Details, connections, experience and enterprise matter in a media buying campaign. We work closely with some of the leading information providers in Washington, D.C., New York and across the country. The "buy" matters, in the right media at the right price at the right time. We shine in all those areas.

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