People remember ads that touch their hearts, illuminate minds and spark their imaginations. A brand only makes its way into our everyday lives if it matters to us. Something has to connect. To create that memorable brand, you have to make the consumer feel good about choosing it — to the point where he or she is willing to take those extra steps down the grocery store aisle to find it and take it home. To own it.

Why are we so successful in the art of building this connection, that spark we call “emotionalized advertising?" Because we do our homework. Research and knowledge are keys to all the creative work that fuel our strategies. We never guess at what consumers may be feeling, we actually ask them with highly targeted surveys, focus groups and one-on-one discussions. We are an extraordinarily diverse agency that has a client base that spans from the coal mines of West Virginia to more than 800 AAMCO dealerships around the country to the Mayo Clinic in the Middle East. Each of those has a unique advertising strategy, created from our research and honed by our varied and vast experience. Each campaign has connected. Each campaign shows how our way works.

At Qorvis, we make it our mission to have a deep understanding of what motivates people to listen, engage and act. We tell our clients to expect consumers' emotions of consumers to change as their lives change. Thus it is critical to continue to touch them in a way that is most relevant to them, whether through a TV commercial, print ad, tweet, website, banner ad, mobile app or even snail mail. We need to keep getting that knowledge and putting it into the work we do for you. We know it’s about grabbing the consumer and having them grab back, and then not letting go.

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