Apps, Apps, Apps!

We love our mobile devices. We have special “tech-touch” gloves so that even on the coldest of days we can update our Facebook status without getting frostbite. We have subjected ourselves to early carpal tunnel by constantly having our hands cradling the devices to tweet our latest life update. Soon, we may have these devices surgically attached to us so we don’t have to go anywhere without them. While these devices are great with their mega-zoom lenses and Internet access everywhere, what really makes them powerful are the apps we use. Everyone has their favorites, but with over 500,000 apps in the app store, finding the best apps can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

The post is all about Apple’s iPad and iPhone. We’ll post a future article about Android, and if we can get a hold of a review unit from Blackberry and Microsoft, we’ll review those too.

Here are a few of our favorite iOS apps:

  1. Evernote  (Free: iPhone and iPad): It’s like your own personal Google. Evernote helps you stay organized and improve productivity by helping you store notes, photos, to-do lists, websites, and voice-recorded reminders that can then be synced across all your devices. After saving an item in Evernote, it can be tagged and filtered out into subjects, and is completely searchable whether you are at home, at work, or on the go. We use the sharing features of Evernote to share meeting notes. And, being able to search for text inside a photo makes erasing the whiteboard less perilous.
  2. 1Password  ($34.99 for 1 user license: iPhone and iPad, and Desktop): The Internet can be a rough place. Identity thieves are everywhere and using “password” as your password just won't keep you safe anymore. 1Password is a highly secure locker for all your passwords and identity manager. It syncs across all your devices, and it makes creating strong passwords a breeze. The idea is that you remember one very good password, and then use that to unlock your locker, which stores super-long completly random passwords for all your sites. It’s not a cheap date, but how much is your identity worth to you?
  3. CardMunch (Free: iPhone and iPad): LinkedIn is the third largest social network, and the de facto standard for professional networking. With CardMunch you can instantly connect with new professional contacts on Linkedin. You simply take a photo of a business card, it will get uploaded scanned, and if the person has a LinkedIn account, you will be able to link to them. It’s definitely easier than keeping stacks of business cards.
  4. Expensify (Free: iPhone and iPad): Expense reports. No one likes them. Expensify makes things a little better by automating the entire expense report process. Once you download the app, Expensify then syncs with your credit cards and bank accounts to track expenses, and also serves as a receipt scanner for cash purchases so that you can keep all documentation in one place.
  5. GoodNotes(Free: iPad): This is hands down the best handwritten note-taking app we’ve found. Matched with a stylus, or just a finger, taking handwritten notes has never been easier. In addition to taking handwritten notes, you can draw diagrams and mark up PDFs, and then organize all notes on a “bookshelf” in the app. GoodNotes also has a built-in dropbox feature and backs-up your notes every 15-seconds so nothing gets lost.
  6. Dark Sky ($3.99: iPhone and iPad): Dark Sky is great simple weather app that utilizes your devices GPS to provide hyper targeted forecasts with minute-to-minute predictions. Since our offices are located in the heart of D.C., a lot of Qorvis employees walk or commute by public transportation, including Washington D.C.’s Bike Share Program. Dark Sky is the fastest way to find out if its going to rain in the next 30 minutes, and the animated radar maps are beautiful and help you track the weather so you can better plan your outdoor activities.
  7. LetterPress (Free: iPhone and iPad): Games can be a great distraction, and LetterPress is one of our favorites. It’s a multiplayer word game similar to Scrabble, but a lot more fun. Build as many words with the grid of letters as you can, and capture letters so that your opponent can’t use them. It’s great way to use some of your vocabulary words like “Aggrandize” or “Zincy.”
  8. FlightBoard (Free: iPhone and iPad): At Qorvis, we travel. A lot. FlightBoard is our go-to app for finding the next flight home when we miss a connection. Updated every five minutes, FlightBoard shows real-time flight information for any airport and airline of your choice. So when you miss a connection, just open FlightBoard and find the next flight that will get you where you’re going. It’s a lifesaver.
  9. StockTouch ($1.99: iPhone and iPad): This stunning app is used to visualize different indexes in the U.S. stock market. Its revolutionary interface grants you the ability to glance and see how a whole industry is performing over a period of time, and provides a great way to check on a client's mood, or see if they might be in need of some Public Relations assistance.
  10. iGaauge (Free: iPhone and iPad): We’re slightly biased on this one. AAMCO engaged Qorvis to build this app, but it certainly is one of the handiest apps for car owners. iGaauge is the perfect roadside assistant and can provide local traffic information, help you troubleshoot car problems, and access nearby fuel stations wherever you are. As an iGaauge user, you will also receive special AAMCO offers that are only available to those with the app. iGaauge provides expert auto help around the clock, and if we do say so ourselves, it looks great and has amazing functionality!
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